November, 2012

Awfully specific

 I admire Netflix's ability to boil down the essence of a movie to two or three words.

How often do you watch Cool Moustaches like Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End?

Al Jazeera at it again

Four years ago, during Israel's Operation Cast Lead, I observed that Al Jazeera was essentially acting as Hamas's media arm, at least on the Arabic site.

This continues today. Al Jazeera's Arabic front page flashes unabashedly warped headlines, including this one:

41 شهيدا والمقاومة تطول تل أبيب مجددا
41 Martyrs; The Resistance Reaches Tel Aviv Again

(Translation mine; please let me know if it's inaccurate.)

This time, however, the English-language site is also discarding pretenses of impartiality. Here's an excerpt from the opening lines of an article/video feature entitled "Gaza strikes: Motives and consequences":

The violence began after an Israeli airstrike killed Ahmad Jabari, Hamas’ military leader, on Wednesday.

Israel then launched widespread attacks on the Gaza Strip, and Hamas retaliated.

It would obviously not serve Al Jazeera's agenda to truthfully state that the violence began not after the assassination of Ahmad Jabari, but after Hamas's attacks on southern Israel rose to a rate of over 100 rockets the previous day.